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  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer
  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer
  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer
  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer
  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer
  • 2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer

2016 Good quality WER E2000UV for digital flatbed printing manufacturer

  • Condition:
  • Type: Flatbed Printer
    Model Number: WER-E2000UV
    Usage: A3 universal printer
    Color & Page: Multicolor
    Voltage:110V/220V 50-60HZ
    Gross Power:75 W
    Weight: 60 KG
    Certification: CE 



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Printer Model  UV LED A3  WER E2000UV
Printing tech Micro Piezo Technology
Nozzle number 1440
Max print size 12.95*23.62 inch (329*600mm)
Print resolution  5760*2880 dpi
max print thickness 18cm
Print quality  True Photographic quality
Printing Direction Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode
Printing speed 720 dpi   25 seconds/A4 size
1440 dpi  50 seconds/A4 size.
2880 dpi  110 seconds/A4 size.
Cooling Method Water cycling cooling system
Auto adjustment function Nozzle automatic detection; print head automatic aligning
Applicable industry Rigid PVC board,phone case , glass, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, special paper, metal, wood, porcelain, PVC, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, iron sheet, ceramic tile, glass, marble, granite, paperboard etc
Operating system Windows XP/ME/Vista/Win7/MAC
Interface Double USB port
Languages English, Chinese.
Ink colors Dual C, M, Y, K / C, M, Y, K, W, W, W, W.
Ink type UV LED curing ink
Lamp type LED Lamp (saving energy and environmental friendly)
Ink system  CISS built inside
Height adjustment Automatic with sensor.
Driving power 110 V/ 220 V.
Power consumption  136 W/ Hour.
Ink consumption 10 ML/SQM.
Working environment 10-35 Celsius
Software Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, WER RIP,
Media feeding system Auto or Manual
Product Video

 Visiting Customers

Factory Show

Assembly and Test
Packing and Loading to Truck
Shipping and Airplane logistics

1. What materials can print on ?

POP board, KT board, Acrylic, organic glass etc. The UV printing reduce much work and trouble like lamination, fading, blistering, and save much working hours. Rigid signs board, hard carton or corrugated paper box, special market(like customize and decoration market): glasses, ceramic tiles, wood, even furniture.

2. production capacity / printing speed

Single head uv printer is 60 sec. For A4 size, dual heads uv printer is 30 sec. For A4 size

3. How to move the machines

UV printers belong to precise instrument, when you move them, please turn off all power, remove the cartridges and waste cartridge, keep other parts on the printer, and handle with care, keep shaking and heavy goods away from the printer.

4. How to make 3D embossed texture.

Can through two ways to reach 3D feeling: One is change media, by engrave to reach embossed feeling, then print by WER printers, second is through WER 3D printing technology, to accumulate UV ink to reach 3D effect. The 3D range will be bigger when use first ways; the second way have the height limit, and this way can re-print to reach more 3D effect, e.g. Mountain, use the second way can reach more Layering.

5. How to do when the status of the printhead is not good ?
5.1. Trun off power, move the printhead to the initial position, check if the printhead and cap top is in the same line
5.2. Do one time cleaning action, and print the test status.
5.3. If above operation still can’t solve this problem, then disassembly the printhead, cleaning the printhead manually or use cleaning machine to clean the printhead
5.4 If the status keep the same after above all operations, then check other parts or change a new printhead to test.
6. How to maintain the printer if couple of days no using the printer

If the printer won’t use more than 3 days, you must cleaning out all ink in the printhead, otherwise, the ink will be dry because the solvent volatilization, even cause irreversible damage for the nozzles of the printhead. Below is the solving methods:

6.1. Turn off the power of the printer
6.2. Move the printhead to the cleaning position, put a corrosion resistant container below the printhead for filling the waste cleaning solution
6.3. Unplug the printhead from the ink damper, then using the special cleaning solution to cleaning the printhead by glass syringe, and do this some times, at last do not suction out all cleaning solution from the printhead, put enough cleaning solution in the inner of the pritnhead, because the printhead can keep the nozzles moisture.
6.4. Please pu t the printhead int o the clean container and seal it.

Why Choose a Wer UV LED Printer?

Produce incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates
Limitless possibilities – print on everything from metals and plastics to wood, ceramic tiles and glass
Create both flat and attention-grabbing raised TEXTUR3D™ prints
The easiest and fastest process to produce ADA-compliant/Braille signage*
Fastest print times in the industry
Industrial strength capabilities – handle the thickest, heaviest substrates
Industry-leading print quality – accurate, high-resolution, repeatable prints, even on challenging surfaces
Economical hardware, ink and print head replacement costs
White Ink Circulation System automatically circulates the entire white ink tank and lines (standard on most models)
Variable dot per color capability
The fastest, easiest cylindrical/bottle printing in the industry
Wer  UV LED inks have zero VOC content; printers feature variable UV LED power intensity.

Safety Tips

UV LED Light Caution:
You are dealing with an LED UV light source that may harm your health. Do not look directly into the UV light source or expose your hand or any part of your body/skin directly to the UV LED light source.
UV Ink Caution:
LED UV inks contain mild skin irritants in their liquid form. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when handling the liquid LED UV ink. There may be some VOCs emitted from the uncured inks during and after the printing process that could slightly irritate the nose, eyes and throat. If the printer is running in a small confined area, the VOCs could build up and increase the irritation. DCS strongly recommends that the printer be operated in a well ventilated area to keep the VOCs to a minimum.

Packaging & Delivery

A: Standard Export Wooden 
B: Packing size: 1200*1000*780mm|
C: Aircargo Sea-shipment Available Both
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 10 days after paymen

Excellent After-sale Services

1.One year warranty You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, MSN etc. Remote control will be provided upon request. 2. Free exchange of new components Our quality is guaranteed 100%, the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes the airfreight by express, except for the print head and some consumable parts.
3. Free online consultation The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our professional technician easily.
4. Free onsite installation and training If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it.

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