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  • High Quality Digital Sublimation Printing Machine / Flag Printer Machine For Sale
  • High Quality Digital Sublimation Printing Machine / Flag Printer Machine For Sale

High Quality Digital Sublimation Printing Machine / Flag Printer Machine For Sale

  • Condition:
  • Color: C M Y K     
    Print Head: Epson DX7
    Ink Type: Dye Sublimation Ink     
    Resolution: 1440dpi Max
    Print Size: 1.8m



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1.8M Digital Sublimation Printing Machine / Flag Printer Machine


Refretonic is expanding its successful with the new Industrial sublimation textile printer RT-TX180-Z.Portfoliofor high performance inkjet sublimation printers, Refretonic now offers digital direct sublimation printing systems. As you would expect, the RT-TX180-Z combines industrial production capabilities with the highest print quality and reliability.

The printer system was designed for non-stop production and achieves a maximum resolution of 1440dpi, with a maximum production speed of 60M2/ H . The RT-sublimationTX180-Z eatures a maximum print width of 1800 mm and is equipped with the latest DX7 printheads (5113 is optional). It can be configured with 8 colors. Reftetonic offers a specially formulated Dye Sublimation Ink System, water-based, free of odors, skin-friendly and free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The printer system is classified for all current transfer papers and quality levels.

It creates brilliant colors. Pin-sharp images and produces an impressive abrasion-resistant and waterproof result.

Examples of Use:
Sports Wear, T-Shirts, Accessories
Home Textiles
Bed Linen, Upholstery, Table Cloths
Flags,Wall Decorations, Outdoor Advertising
Digital Dye sublimation printer equipped with accurate tensile force system provides stable and hi-effective fabrics feeding process, which is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and overcome the difficulties of materials slant andpleat occurring while printing.

Digital sublimation textile printer printing width from1800mm to 3200mm is available. It can print and produce various colorful banners, canvas and other coated fabrics and textile fabrics. And can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pdoduct Video



1. Printhead Type equipped with RT sublimation printer.

Industrial level Ricoh Gen5 or Epson Dx7 or Dx5 textile printhead, resolution is 1440dpi, and two years life span. Suit for big lots, continue and unstoppable industrial production. 7pl dot numbers variable,high durability and high definition.

2. RT Digital sublimation printer can provide High durability and high definition.

The Printing speed, quality and stability of RT digital textile printer are comparable with Japanese printer brands like Epson printer, Roland printer, Mimaki Printer and Mutoh Printer. Two Ricoh Gen5 or Epson Dx7 or Epson Dx5 high precision printhead ranked as twin-row on RT Dye sublimation printer, that printing speed is equal to two times of single printhead textile printer

3.RT digital Dye sublimation printer provide fully guarantee for printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum crossbeams, THK guide rail, servomotor and stable rack.

4 Fabrics Variety can be printed by RT Digital Dye sublimation printer.

RT textile printer is using active dye ink, dispersive dye ink and acidic dye ink, sublimation ink and pigment ink which are good matching for cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, chemical fiber etc.

5. Transmission structure is equipped with RT Digital Dye sublimation printer.

The textile printer equipped with accurate tensile force device for media feeding and taken up to ensure the feeding error rate less than 0.3%. The printer No need maintenance that can be lower using cost. And the feeding material system is 100% suitable for non-elastic; it also cantransit cloth material stably to ensure textile printing speed.

6. Constant temperature heating heater supports the best Dye Sublimation printing.

RT digital Dye sublimation printer equipped ceramic heater that heat up super quickly and precise heater sealing can ensure the constant temperature to sublimation the printed fabric.

7. Printhead Maintenance function is adopted by RT Digital Dye sublimation printer:

RT Dye sublimation printer adopt full imported printhead protection system including full wet hermetic capping device, suction facility and printhead scrape device, that keeps printhead unclog, clean and non-air bubble status for a long time, and improves stability of digital Dye sublimation printing.

8. Fabric Printing Thickness adjustable function is adopted by RT Digital Dye sublimation printer:

9. Max fabric’s thickness up to 15mm, printheads height can be adjusted on Dye sublimation printer.

10.  Low cost for RT Digital Dye sublimation Printing:

Digital Dye sublimation printing is simple and leaves out sublimation paper transfer process, only one operator can operate textile printer with highly efficiency bearing the highest printing performance. RT Digital Dye sublimation printer also adopts the most advanced thermal energy technology, which can reduce the energy consumption (electricity, water) and minimum environmental impact.

11 High productivity is provided by RT Digital Dye sublimation printer:

It is Brand New textile Printing Concept no need handmade plate making but printing on fabric directly. It’s suitable rapid speed production home textile, clothing material, flags and banners and various printing fabric to choose.

12 Less Investment and Higher Savings on invest Digital Dye sublimation printer:

Printing Sample costs dramatically reduced by No more engraving departments for plate! There is also No more cost and stock for materials, inks. Manpower is Flexibility using when you choose RT Digital Dye sublimation printer: RT Dye sublimation printer is stable but high efficiency which will be save your labor cost and time cost, it also has  broad market prospect and unlimited business opportunities on textile printing industrial.

13. Easy training for RT Digital sublimation printer and our RT Industry always rapid response to customer inquiry.

14. 4colors or 8 colors ink combination is optional for RT digital Dye sublimation printer, it can configurate colors according to the requirement of the painting design.

15.Open type ink supply system equipped on RT Digital Dye sublimation printer, customers can control Dye sublimation printing cost flexibly by choosing different sublimation ink brand. Smoke evacuation filtering system equipped for RT digital Dye sublimation printer is optional:

It can filter flue sublimation smoke effectively as an environment protection device to keep clean environment if the client want to print on fabric directly use sublimation ink.

Digital sublimation printing machine/ flag printer machine1.8m size with Epson head


RT Series Sublimation Textile Printer is applied in textile printing Industrial to replace traditional printing technique which is the solution of both large batch & small batch, low cost, fast printing requirements. The productive printing speed and width options achieve the possibility of meeting the fabrics printing requirements with digital printing method. Adequately Meeting customers' requirements of sample printing, individual finery printing, family needs fabrics printing, sign advertisement, textile adornment, advertisement textile printing, digital textile printing, carpet digital textile printing, windows curtain digital textile printing and interior decoration textile printing, home textile printing, bedclothes printing and flax textile printing widely manufacture colored flags, national flag, road flag, Car Flag, party flag, Strings Flag, table flag, meeting flag, teampennant factory flag; manufacture droplets flags, beach flag, hall flag , tour guide flag, checkmark flag, ground flag, hand signal flag, indoor flag, international flag, advertising flag, Feather flag and more applications.

Product Parameter

Mode Type

High Quality Digital Sublimation Printing Machine
Print Head Two DX7 Drop-On-Demand Micro-Piezo Print Heads
Number Of Nozzles 2880 Nozzles (2 Heads)
Color 4 Colors :Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Resolution 1440dpi(Max)
Height Of Print Head 2-5mm
Size Of Ink Droplet 1.5-21 PL
Max. Print Width 1800mm
Max. Media Width 1900mm (Max)
Real Time Tracking None
Printing Speed 3pass 50.0sq.M Per Hour
4pass 39.5sq.M Per Hour
6pass 26.0sq.M Per Hour
8pass 19.0sq.M Per Hour
Media Feeder Yes
Media Take-Up Yes
Material Max Weight 70kgs
Application Type

Cotton,Flax Fabric,Silk Fabric,Polyester Fabric,

Flag Fabric,Satin Fabric,Warp Knitting Fabric,Nonwoven Fabrics,


Chiffon Fabric Digital Textile Printer,

Cotton Lun Spandex,Canvas,Cloth,Velvet Electronics,Clothing,Bags,Upholstery,Cloth Flags,Banners,

Wallpaper,Advertising,Art Paintings,Sofa,Table Cloth,

Apparel Fabrics,Home Textiles,Bed Sheets,Curtains,Wool,

 Cashmere,Silk,Rayon Class,Modal,Leather,Clothing,

Towels,Bath Towels,Screens,Shower Curtain,Sleeping Bag,Pillow,Bedding,Furniture,Outdoor Leisure Products,

Hunting Supplies,Beach Products,Toiletries,

 Engineering,Footwear,Bags And Suitcases...Etc.

Ink Type Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Pigment,Sublimation
Ink Tank Account 12*350ml Continuous Ink Supply
Auto Cleanning System Yes
Interface USB2.0
Power Power Voltage AC220-240V 50-60HZ Or AC110-120V 50-60HZ
Control Software Print Manager
RIP Software Maintop, Photoprint, Wasatch
Three Heating Sections Pre-Heater, Printing Bed Heater, Rear Heater
Operation System

MS Windows XP & Windows 7

Printing Environment Temperature: 20-25 Centi Degree, Humidity: 40-60%
Picture Type JPG PSD TIF
Printer Dimension W3330*D1020 * H760mm
Packing Dimensions W3360*D1070 * H840mm+W3370*D1000*H1140mm
Gross Weight 814kg
Net Weight 526kg

Cotton,Flax Fabric,Silk Fabric,Polyester Fabric,Flag Fabric,Satin Fabric,Warp Knitting Fabric,Nonwoven Fabrics, Polyester,etc


Cotton is the floorboard of all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make more fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantage is easy to keep warm, soft personal, hygroscopicity, permeability is good, not easy allergy. The disadvantage of it is that easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, restorative, glossiness is poor, must often ironing when wearing.


With silk as raw materials of all kinds of silk textile. Like cotton, its many varieties and different personality. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, especially suitable for making women's clothes. Its advantage is thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, full of sheen, nobility is elegant, wear comfortable. Its shortage is wrinkle easily, easy to absorb, and not strong enough, faded quickly.

Packaging & Delivery

A: Standard Export Wooden
B: Packing size: 1200*1000*780mm|
C: Aircargo Sea-shipment Available Both
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 10 days after payment

Excellent After-sale Services

1.One year warranty You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, MSN etc. Remote control will be provided upon request. 2. Free exchange of new components Our quality is guaranteed 100%, the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes the airfreight by express, except for the print head and some consumable parts.
3. Free online consultation The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our professional technician easily.
4. Free onsite installation and training If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it.

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