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Trade news

Summer piezoelectric printing machine maintenance

Piezoelectric machine brings us convenient to print at the same time, don't forget daily maintenance , it not only can at every time bring us good experience, aalso can prolong the service life of the machine . In summer what piezoelectric printing machine maintenance to minimize damage to it?

The following is a small make up according to many years experience of summer machine maintenance methods:
1, attention should be paid to the influence of temperature and humidity, avoid too wet or dry environment, pay attention to the surface cleaning machine, keep clear of in time machine surface impurities, shredding, residual ink, etc.

2, printing machine computer system parameter settings cannot be random changes, especially online IP address settings, driver installation and Montana print to add other settings.

3, pay attention to the motor in the case of charged can't drive the carriage, otherwise it is easy to cause a variety of dislocations occurred; If a carriage when the noise is too big, to check the wear condition, such as the slider is what went wrong.

4, due to the working process of the machine printing output, equipment for static sensitive, therefore the equipment ground should be the direction of the installation personnel for processing, printing should pay attention to good ground connection, prevent electrostatic unknown print problem.

5, if the working process of the machine printing, canvas volume is larger or heavier with motionless, will affect the picture, the picture can appear horizontal stripes, also can make your step size of the canvas is not standard, if this happens to turn on the canvas, let go cloth uniform, at the same time pay attention to the two card good for paper press paper and ensure the normal order of the walk in the process of printing paper not bulging.

6, regularly check the data transmission cable drag chain wear condition, ensure no open circuit, short circuit and signal interference. Machine with computer on line whether the data line of contact is good, for example, the front-end ports machine good contact between the cable and computer network card.

7, pay attention to the storage of printing consumables, such as ink storage sealed storage, print paper material moistureproof, etc.

8, attention should be paid to do the daily maintenance of nozzle, especially outdoor oily piezoelectric machine, suggest to print once a day, to avoid long time stop printing can cause plugging ink nozzle failure, cleaning and maintenance and ink stack moisturizing.

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