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Trade news

The digital Caiyin technical characteristics and application prospects

   With the rise of the color printing industry developed a computer image output to the printer, plotted by computer,UV flatbed printer step to complete the process by the image to print. Bring a new wind of its subversive concept of digital printing to the printing industry, the overwhelming swept across the industry, no plate, no plate burning and repeated chromatography, full color images at once. Extremely low printing cost and high-quality printing results economical and convenient than traditional printing systems, UV flatbed printer to improve the market competitiveness of the products, UV flatbed printer will replace the traditional printing process.

   UV flatbed printer, also known as universal printer is a "non-contact with the object" inkjet printing tech digital printing equipment, it can be subject to any material restrictions, in wood, glass, crystal, metal plate, floor tiles, The surface of the tiles, CD-ROM, acrylic, plexiglass, EVA, KT board, leather, silicone, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, fabric, stickers, stone and other class printing color photos. Simple color block pattern, full-color pattern or excessive color patterns can be printed once completed, no plate, no printing down and repeated chromatography, beautiful colors, realistic effects, image waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance attached forward to strong, do not fade, the machine is easy to operate, stable performance, loved by our customers, factories will win the proofing time, take more orders, the fast batch printing plant products.

   A wide range of use, truly want printed on the printed results, fast imaging speed, stunning image clarity. Comprising:excellent pigment ink is suitable for the customer requirements: solid image waterproof, good adhesion, color durability, venues and staff, take up less equipment is easier to maintain. Anywhere within the range of 0 ~ 17CM height-adjustable color photo-printing on a variety of costumes finished, semi-finished surface. Pollutant emissions, and create a more comfortable and healthy working environment. Suitable for sample proofing and color printing processing small quantities of products in the wearing apparel factory. Workers operating without the basis of experience, we can help develop new business, greatly enhance the effectiveness of the work, multiplied reduce production costs.
The free intermediate supplies (such as: thermal printing paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature tape, thermal transfer equipment). Alternative to traditional special printing (screen printing, heat transfer, water transfer) overall cost savings of 80% or more. Simple, low-cost printing services, without the film plate and repeated chromatography process. higher quality printing quality: high fidelity 8-color pigment ink to ensure the quality of the image output ultimate perfect 8 can be directly printed on the surface of the printed materials do not ask: smooth surface, rough surface and irregular plane leveling, greatly shorten the delivery period for proofing, individual and small-volume printing  services.

   Whether a simple the fast color pattern, full-color pattern. Can be printed once completed, without the film plate,plate burning and repeated chromatic color, bright and rich, structured. Realistic effects, image waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, does not fade, easy operation, speed, rate of zero waste-free intermediate supplies.
Second, the product is suitable for a wide range of: Franchise, photo shop, wedding photo studio, attractions, hospitals, schools, clothing factory. industrial application: mass production of plastic, electronic, metal, plexiglass and other industry samples proofing products play a fast sampling and processing costs decrease exponentially.

Industrial UV flatbed printer with the traditional process distinction

1: The traditional printing processes
Process is cum bersome, long production cycle.
Need to have many years of experience at the journeyman
Need more staff, a large proportion of handmade than the color complex, can not be amended once the fixed version.
Multiple overprint rejection rate, color deviation
Drying of the Philippine the shelterbelts Road platemaking high costs, printing costs are expensive.
Platesetter high cost, the need of mass production, to reduce costs.

2: UV flatbed printer
Computer operating personnel rely on space upgrade.
Quickly grasp, production quality, without professional skills.
Unit price from India, bulk matching stencil printing, saving time and effort.
No plate, fast and low cost printing available various output software.
Direct the computer to change color, anytime, anywhere to change color, at no extra cost.
Single step that India is taking to meet the fast sampling, the demand for the finished product.
Full-color image, a complete the gradual color fully achieve photo quality results.

In summary it can be seen UV flatbed printer broke through the bottleneck of traditional printing technology, economic convenience of the very low cost of printing and high-quality printing results than traditional printing systems, few systems investment, digital operation and limited space occupied, the system has a larger market prospects. Is the best complement to traditional printing, and updating of the traditional press.

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